Day 9 – Your favourite cartoon character

Day 09 | Taz

Taz, the Tazmanian devil. At some point in the 90s M&S got the rights to Warner Brother’s characters roughly at the same time as the WB animation studios surge (Batman, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon adventures etc), and Taz’s own series. For a phase there probably every item of clothing I owned had a WB cartoon character on it. Taz is obviously the best.

Meanwhile; Alice is awesome.


Day 6 – An object you’ve never drawn before

Day 06 | iPhone

So last time I actually drew things would have been school. Thing things. Regularly. Quick sketches of rooms for fitting things or ideas of how to layout anthology pages since but no *actual* things.

So this is the first smartphone I’ve drawn. Probably the first mobile. Which feels weird, even if it isn’t actually particularly weird.

Day 4 – An animal you’ve never drawn before

Day 4 | Magpie

I love magpies. If it weren’t for the lovely foxes I’ve met recently then magpies might well be my favourite animal. Never drawn one until today – drew two because I’m a bag of weakly held and contradictory beliefs and superstitions.

I went to London Zoo a few weeks back, and in the sunset over the canal watched a flock of magpies tumble around above the aviary. They were clearly mocking the inmates.