Matthew Sheret

Work and projects


TUI UK – wrote 'The Power of the Brand' speech for MD Nick Longman

IF – helped this new design studio define their client offer, writing new copy for their relaunched website, developing a strategy for documenting content, and writing new presentations and pitch documents

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design – taught a module about incorporating stories about people into product development


NHS Digital – worked on short blog and film briefs to help the team establish their voice

Study Group – An erratic podcast about the second season of Community, with Kieron Gillen, Tom Humberstone, Ann Scantlebury and Chrissy Williams

Hipsterhammer – I was a co-conspirator with Kieron Gillen on a miniature gaming blog for a while


The Bureau of Small Observation (to 2015) – a daily newsletter consisting of descriptions of people and places

Markov Blake – poetry by algorithm, based on William Blake's Songs of innocence and experience


Little Comics – two comics projects for Little Printer

The Makers of Things – a series of short films about the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, with Anne Hollowday

The After School Club for Copywriters – A book collecting advice from writers and creative directors in 2012


1000 Words – a day of talks about visual culture, held as part of Thought Bubble Comics Festival

Creative Writer, Government Digital Service (to 2016) – I helped define how GDS presents its work and strategy


threesixfivstart dice – dice that generate random stories, based on the project threesixfivestart

Suwappu comics – comic strips featuring characters from a speculative toy line, for Dentsu London


Data Griot at (to 2012) – I told stories with data for the music discovery service, producing daily scripts for afflilitaed CBS radio stations, doing community outreach, and writing copy for their 'Best of' features each year.

Lego iPhone stand


Paper Science (to 2011) – a seven issue anthology of comics, featuring more than a hundred illustrators and writers (SOLD OUT)

Phonogram vs The Fans – a fanzine for the comic Phonogram, produced for San Diego Comic Con (SOLD OUT)

Copywriter at ditto, a digital consultancy, largely working on projects for Thomson Reuters (to 2009)


We Are Words & Pictures (to 2014) – comics events and publishing collective that morphed, over time, into a creative consultancy