Hi, I'm Matthew Sheret

I've worked on a lot of independent creative projects over the last decade


A Lonely Isle – Audio project about the island Rockall, with Richard Birkin and Ann Scantlebury


Study Group – Podcast about the second season of Community, with Kieron Gillen, Tom Humberstone, Ann Scantlebury and Chrissy Williams

'A barrow by a beacon' – a short story about a walk, told in a randomly generated order


Away for a walk (to 2015) – a blog about walking

The Bureau of Small Observation (to 2016) – a newsletter consisting of descriptions of people and places

Markov Blake – poetry by algorithm, based on William Blake's Songs of innocence and experience


Little Comics – two comics projects for Little Printer

The Makers of Things – a series of short films about the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, with Anne Hollowday

The After School Club for Copywriters – A book collecting advice from writers and creative directors in 2012

'The komakino of Francesca Forrest' – short story for This Image, a journal for literature that thinks about images

'The Association of Inquisitive Collectors' – comic for the Thought Bubble Festival anthology for Image comics, illustrated by Kristyna Baczynski


1000 Words – a day of talks about visual culture, held as part of Thought Bubble Comics Festival


threesixfivstart dice – dice that generate random stories, based on the project threesixfivestart

Short comics for Solipsistic Pop, illustrated by Tom Humberstone ('You Are Here') and Julia Scheele ('Later', 'Mean, Median, Mode')


Suwappu comics – comic strips featuring characters from a speculative toy line, for Dentsu London

Lego iPhone stand


Paper Science (to 2011) – anthology of comics featuring more than a hundred illustrators and writers

Phonogram vs The Fans – a fanzine for the comic Phonogram, produced for San Diego Comic Con 2009

threesixfivestart (to 2010) – the first line of an autobiography, written every day for a year

sixfifteen – zine, with Sophie Peck


The Music Zine and The Robot Zine – comics with Julia Scheele and Sarah Gordon

We Are Words & Pictures (to 2012) – comics events and publishing collective

The Polaroid Press – a short story and photography project