Projects and writing


A Lonely Isle – Audio project about the island Rockall, with Richard Birkin and Ann Scantlebury

Study Group – Podcast about the second season of Community, with Kieron Gillen, Tom Humberstone, Ann Scantlebury and Chrissy Williams

Markov Blake – poetry by algorithm, based on William Blake's Songs of innocence and experience (2014)

Little Comics – two comics projects for Little Printer (2013)

1000 Words – a day of talks about visual culture, held as part of Thought Bubble Comics Festival (2012)

We Are Words & Pictures (2008 - 2012) – comics events and publishing collective

Paper Science (2009 - 2011) – anthology of comics featuring more than a hundred illustrators and writers

threesixfivstart dice – dice that generate random stories, based on the project threesixfivestart


'A barrow by a beacon' – (2015) a short story about a walk, told in a randomly generated order

The Bureau of Small Observation (2014 to 2016) – a newsletter consisting of descriptions of people and places

Away for a walk (from 2014 to 2016) – a blog about walking

The After School Club for Copywriters – A book collecting advice from writers and creative directors in 2012 (2013)

'The komakino of Francesca Forrest' – short story for This Image, a journal for literature that thinks about images (2013)

'The Association of Inquisitive Collectors' – comic for the Thought Bubble Festival anthology for Image comics, illustrated by Kristyna Baczynski (2013)

threesixfivestart (2009 - 2010) – the first line of an autobiography, written every day for a year

Short comics for Solipsistic Pop, illustrated by Tom Humberstone ('You Are Here') and Julia Scheele ('Later', 'Mean, Median, Mode')

Suwappu comics – comic strips featuring characters from a speculative toy line, for Dentsu London (2010)

The Polaroid Press – a short story and photography project (2008)


Phonogram vs The Fans – a fanzine for the comic Phonogram, produced for San Diego Comic Con 2009

sixfifteen – zine, with Sophie Peck (2009)

The Music Zine and The Robot Zine – comics with Julia Scheele and Sarah Gordon (2008)


'Talking with people' – workshop for public sector technologists, for IxDA Oslo (2016)

'The strategy is delivery' – a talk about working at GDS, for IxDA Oslo (2016)

‘Pages Lost’ – talk about the broken present and emergent futures of digital comics, for Design of Understanding, London (2015)

For most of my time at GDS I didn't give any external talks. I wrote around 160 for Mike Bracken and the other senior staff though. (2014)

‘Brevity and content’ – talk about the work of GDS for LDNIA (2013)

1000 Words – a day of talks about visual culture, held as part of Thought Bubble Comics Festival (2012)

‘Words and pictures and process’ – talk about form and effect at IxDA London (2012)

‘The bit between Data and You’ – talk about data, intimacy and scale for Web Directions South, Sydney (2012)

‘Noise by Numbers’ – talk about, Eurosonic in Groningen (2012)

‘Campire Stories’ – talk about building space for users to invest in products, UX Hamburg (2011)

‘Kieron Gillen, Supervillain’ – talk about fandom, roleplay and comics for Playful, London (2011)

‘The Data will Improve Rockets’ – talk about personal data and Doctor Who, delivered first at Skillswap Brighton and improved for Design by Fire in Utrecht (2010)

‘Sense-making in the Scrobbling’ – article about my work at for the Design of Understanding journal (2010)

‘Pocket Scale’ – talk about data, intimacy and time travel for dConstruct, Brighton (2010)

‘Text in Space’ – talk about the rhetoric of space exploration for SameAs Space, London (2010)

‘Storytelling’ – (my first ever talk!) for History Hack Day, London (2010)

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