A distant roar, moving closer

On Sunday, James treated me to the delights of the Farnborough Airshow. It was absolutely mad – like fireworks in the daytime. Noisy, brash, smelly and brilliant.

Far and away the thing that made the biggest impact though was the art right before it. The Wind Tunnel Project, specifically Flying Into The Dawn by Thor McIntyre Burnie. Two absolutely beautiful sound installations that hammered around the space available with only minimal intervention in terms of projection, signage etc. I wish I’d visited earlier – it closed yesterday.

Very few photos snapped, even fewer that turned out nice. Here’s one of the final room, and Bridle.

The Wind Tunnel Project

I need to see more sound art/land art/infrastructure art. If you know where I can find any let me know.

Learning to put words in boxes

Design Principles posters

Mark spent an afternoon teaching me things about InDesign. It was brilliant fun. Enough to get me comfortable with the tool and learning some basics. Pretty quickly I was happy enough putting things in place on a ‘piece of paper’ that I started making actual decisions about what I wanted where.

We used the draft copy from the Design Principles beta, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Design Principles posters printed out


I’ve been back almost a week. Heck of a trip. San Francisco was brilliant, thanks in no small part to Frances and Alex (as soon as I’ve processed photos of our road trip to Point Reyes they’ll be up), and New York was definitely New York.

(Actually, that in itself is a good thing. I have bad memories of my last trip there, whereas this time I came away going ‘You know, I could live in that city someday’)


Anyway, lots of difficult work to do now I’m back in London, along with at least one short story and two slow-burn projects to begin working on. I actually have a clean slate now – I don’t think any of the film projects I’ve mentioned on here over the last few months are likely to happen – so it’s a good time to have ideas.

Basically, Onwards!