Scrobbles and faxes

The Story was terrific! Thanks very much to Matt Locke for having me and to Simon Thornton for being excellent conversation.

Of the write-ups I’ve seen I quite like Matt Edgar’s construction of a theme for the event; the ‘uneasy relationship’ between data/facts and art. I have to say that at the event that didn’t really emerge for me, but it definitely sits nicely on top of some really stimulating talks.

The Story was my last thing on a stage for a while. Campire Stories,* which I delivered in Hamburg last week, is something I want to hammer into tighter shape, so if you’re interested in hearing about roleplay, storytelling and bots then give me a shout.

Mostly though, it’s time to write.

* People tweeted a correction for this, but ‘Campire’ isn’t a typo. It relates to this.